Work Package 9

Management & Coordination

Objective: Administrative, financial and legal management of OPERA

This Work Package will:

  • The overall strategic and operational management and steering of the project, ensuring the accuracy, quality and timeliness of deliverables.
  • Ensure the seamless integration of the activities (i.e. manage the time and result dependencies) by reviewing and assessing the progress of OPERA activities towards the defined goals and objectives.
  • Co-ordinate and ensure the coherence of all the developments between Work Packages.
  • Conduct the financial and administrative management of the project.
  • Establish the communication flow and methods for reporting, monitoring, quality assurance and innovation management
  • Periodic monitoring of risks and implementation of contingency plans if needed.
  • Manage liaison with the European Commission and the production of periodic reports.
  • Manage the knowledge and Intellectual Property Rights, including any legal agreements such as the Consortium Agreement and other agreements required for the use, access and exploitation of results and background.
  • Manage the public face of the project and encourage networking with other related projects and ocean energy platforms and initiatives.
  • Promote gender equality.


Task to be performed

Project coordination and quality assurance
This task will establish the governance structure to coordinate, communicate and monitor the work progress of the project, guaranteeing the achievement of the objectives by an efficient use of resources.
Communication, reporting and monitoring
This task aims at establishing and performing a fluent communication within the OPERA Consortium and with the EC and performing and facilitating a high quality internal (by the Consortium) and external (by the EC) monitoring of the project, assuring high quality production of deliverables and reports that meet the project objectives and technical-non-technical commitments as well as the EC requirements on due time and manner.

Involved Partners

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 654.444