The H2020 OPERA project received the Yoshio Masuda Memorial prize for its contribution to the 12th European Wave and Tidal Conference (12th EWTEC) held from the 27th to 1st of September in Cork, Ireland. The 12th EWTEC was focused to the commercialisation of the marine energy sector with over 500 delegates presenting over 300 scientific presentations over four days. The Yoshio Masuda Memorial prize is awarded since 11th EWTEC to recognize the valuable contribution to research development on OWC technologies.

The prize committee decided to award the OPERA consortium as a whole since multiple high-quality conference publications were presented to inform about the progress in the development of OWC systems in the Mutriku Wave Power plant and the OCEANTEC’s MARMOK-A-5. The floating OWC wave energy device is currently demonstrated at the BiMEP test site in the North of Spain. The full list of the research work presented is as follows:

  • Latching and peak-power control of an Oscillating water column based on a Discontinuous Galerkin Method. Henriques, J. Lemos, L. Gato, A. Falcão.
  • Demonstration of a Socio-economic Cost of Energy Analysis of a Wave Energy Converter Array. Crooks, A. de Andres, E. Medina-Lopez, H. Jeffrey, P. Ruiz-Minguela.
  • Novel Predictive Latching Control for an Oscillating Water Column Buoy. F.X. Faÿ, M. Marcos, E. Robles
  • Reducing Peak & Fatigue Mooring Loads: A Validation Study for Elastomeric Moorings. D. Parish, M. Herduin, P.R. Thies, T. Gordelier, L. Johanning.
  • Open sea OWC motions and mooring loads monitoring at BiMEP. S. Weller, D. Parish, T. Gordelier, B. de Miguel Para, E. Aldaiturriaga, P. Goodwin, D. Tornroos, L. Johanning.
  • Performance of the Self-rectifying Biradial Air Turbine with Fixed Guide Vanes Arranged into Concentric Annular Rows. A. Carrelhas, A. Maduro, L. Gato, J. Henriques, A. Falcao
  • Design and optimization of fixed guide vanes arranged into concentric annular rows for a self-rectifying biradial air-turbine. A. Maduro, L. Gato, J. Henriques, D. Ferreira.

These contributions were presented by the University of Lisbon, the University of Edinburgh, the University of Exeter and TECNALIA. Dr. David Parish of the University of Exeter accepted the prize on behalf of the OPERA team.