Armintza, 7 December 2016 – Further to the installation of a pressure sensor and data logger in front of the Mutriku wave power plant, a TRIAXYS Directional Wave Buoy from Canadian manufacturer AXYS Technologies was deployed at BiMEP open-sea test site, just in front of OCEANTEC’s MARMOK wave energy device, which is now injecting energy into the Spanish grid. Deployment was realised by Bilbao-based marine contractor Commercial Diving Activity (CDA). The instrument will allow to characterise individual waves and wave groups and better assess the performance characteristics of this wave energy converter as part of the European Commission funded H2020 OPERA project, led by Basque technology research centre TECNALIA.

After having completed the installation of all process instrumentation, the OPERA project is ready to proceed to its open-sea testing phase which involves the collection of data for benchmarking structural and power performance of the wave energy prototype.

Location of Bouy at BiMEP

Approximate location of TRIAXYS buoy anchor with respect to MARMOK’s 4-leg mooring system